Welcome to Biodynamic Farm Dragonja - Oljčni Gaj

On our organic farm we carry on the tradition of our ancestors, who were engaged in olive tree cultivation since the beginning of the 18th century as well as in viticulture, which was their main source of income.

in the pristine landscapes of the Dragonja Valley

Due to a past frost we planted a new olive grove in 2000. We have preserved a traditional way of olive tree cultivation on the terraces, moreover we harvest all the trees by hand and the olives are cold pressed in the nearby oil mill the very same day.

Eco-organic Certificate

We have complied with organic control and inspection bodies since 2011, our farm is certified Organic and has been issued the certificate for organic production of extra virgin olive oil, of olive leaf tea, fruits, vegetables and of Mediterranean herbs as well as of Helichrysum italicum − Immortelle (smilj). Our organically produced and cold pressed olive oil from pristine nature has been achieving superior quality levels, we have been awarded certificates of the highest quality (Zlata oljčna vejica) several times.


Our beekeeping is based exclusively on biodynamic principles due to our awareness of the importance of bees, not only of their role as pollinators, but also of their great importance on the whole web of life. Our primary aim is to meet the natural requirements of the colony therefore we allow them to build their natural honeycombs. The biodiversity of cultivated, wild and nectar plants not only provides bees with the foraging area but also provides us with high-quality food and a better quality of life.

Biodynamic Beekeeping − Natural Beekeeping − bee-centered approach with regard to cosmic rhythms

In order to preserve bees, we must ensure their environment is healthy, GMO-free and filled with traditional plants. We aim at applying a beekeeping approach that is suitable for the bee.

Our farm

We have been using only organic substances for plant cultivation and protection since the very beginning. In 2008, we joined a biodynamic association and completed a training course in biodynamic agriculture, supervised by Franka Ozbič. Since then, we have been applying biodynamic methods and principles, using preparations and fertilizing the soil with biodynamic compost. After a three-year collaboration with Biodynamic Association Ajda Gorica, in 2011, we founded a branch of Ajda in Istra as well, i.e. Ajda Istra, which has its registered seat on our farm with members numbering already over 60 today. Ajda Istra is one of the 16 associations of Ajda union, which under the protected name of Ajda, unites gardeners, winegrowers, agriculturists and beekeepers in Slovenia. The application of biodynamic methods results in enlivened and nurtured soil. Only a soil that is healthy enables the growth of healthy and vital plants, which in turn are the foundation of our good health.

Sustainable farming increases soil fertility, doesn't pollute the environment and helps preserving biodiversity.
Golden fields of Everlasting − Immortelle − captivate our soul through its beauty and its scent. From this divine, enchanting plant we produce organic hand-made creams of high-quality.

In 2022 our farm has been awarded the Demeter Certificate

In 2022 we have been awarded the highest and the strictest standard for biodynamic agriculture worldwide − the Demeter certificate. Biodynamic farming is certified by Demeter and guarantees higher than organic standards and sustainable agriculture.

Our farm offers Demeter quality products: extra virgin olive oil, olive leaf tea, finely ground olive leaves, Immortelle tea and Immortelle cosmetics under the trademark Dragonja's Immortelle.

On biodynamic farming and Demeter

Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic and ecological approach, developed by Rudolf Steiner. Demeter is the trademark for food from certified biodynamic production. Founded in 1924, biodynamic farming is the oldest "green" farming movement and forerunner of organics. Today it is considered the most sustainable form of agriculture. Biodynamic farming is certified by Demeter and guarantees higher than organic standards and sustainable agriculture. Demeter farmers care about soil fertility, animal welfare and a balance in nature. Food in its truest form. Pure, unadulterated ingredients ensure that Demeter food is full of flavour and natural vitality. Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition - certified and recognised by the Demeter trademark.